Having its inspiration rooted in George Nakashima's Butterfly Gate, the Rorschach Divider is an object that tests human perception. A space divider is a furniture object that has no general form like a chair, table, or bench. To satisfy any qualification that suggests an object is a space divider is that it must be portable, opaque, vertically flat, and large enough to hinder vision potentially suggesting a partition. Given its vertical flatness a space divider has either bilateral symmetry or asymmetry. Much like staring at inkblots, the Rorschach Divider demonstrates the human's natural instinct to project physiological signifiers onto signs, signified by random form and materials processed through traditional craft methods to generate meaning and value. Where meaning is what people try to create or find, where as value is the sentiment people have that something is held to deserve worth or importance. What do you see and how do you feel about it?