About Martin Alexander

My work is concerned with the intersection of physical space and digital space and specifically, how they influence each other. At the center of my practice is an approach to object making that I call thought-object experiments. A thought-object experiment considers some hypothesis. theory, or principle for the purpose of making its consequences. The common goal of an thought-object experiment is to explore the consequences of the principle in question.

My methodology for developing a thought object experiment begins by developing technical skills associated with traditional craft practices, understanding materiality, and knowing how to manipulate material.

Simultaneously, I work in various computer programs as Design tools. By testing the capabilities and limits of these programs and by using them in unorthodox ways, I consider these tools and their function in industry from a critical perspective.

The third component of my practice is research focusing on cultural production from the beginning of modernity through the present. This period is important to my practice because of the advancements in cultural production during this era have influenced the way things are made today.